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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Heinz or 'W' ketchup with those fries?

Polls in Pittsburgh are this good.

Yummy for the tummy. Smart free for the mind. Think again for our democracy.

Patrons of an upscale Japanese steakhouse, Nakama restaurant on the South Side, can choose whether they favor Heinz or W ketchup.
"As patrons are paying for their meals, they are handed a jelly bean and asked to put in an a jar favoring Heinz ketchup or the jar indicating W ketchup," Nakama owner Becky Gomes said. "On Nov. 1, one day before the actual election, we will accurately predict the winner of the 2004 election."

Think again. This is a sure sign that we need eVote to flourish in Pittsburgh. And, do they even serve french fries in a Japanese steakhouse?


  • At 3:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I remember reading, a long long time ago (like 40 years or so), that at one US presidential election, a cornflakes manufacturer (Kellog's I think it was) ran a poll on its cornflakes packets. The predicted result from their poll directly contradicted "official" pollsters like Gallup.

    In the end, they turned out to be correct. Gallup et al had got it wrong! :^)


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