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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blame on bloggers


The prediction that election exit poll data might leak onto the web was proved correct, as political bloggers were once again in the spotlight this week when the United States elected its 44th President. Beginning early Tuesday afternoon news organizations leaked exit-poll data to bloggers who naturally posted the information, with some giving caution on the data's validity. The leaked news sent a surge of traffic to blogs where visitors read John Kerry had a growing lead over George W. Bush.

The original data came from the National Election Pool (NEP), a company formed in the wake of the networks' blown calls on election night four years earlier. News organizations paid the NEP for the information but resisted going public with the news in light of the mistakes made in 2000, when many called the race for Al Gore. By the time news organization realized the information it leaked was inaccurate again in 2004, the data had already traveled throughout the Internet many times over. The false information did not appear to impact the election outcome, but it did prompt the media to harshly criticize bloggers for leaking early-exit data.

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