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Thursday, September 15, 2005

E-democracy Takes Off with Inaugural Online Election Forum & Webcast, InternetNZ

An e-democracy question: What specific policies or ideas does your party have for supporting e-democracy, enabling direct policy input from citizens to the government of the day? was asked in a national debate in New Zealand. This is probably the first time that a question about e-democracy has been asked publicly in a national election debate. We need more in other countries.

Hat tip to Steven Clift,

InternetNZ is pleased to have hosted an Election Forum on Thursday 1 September
from 7 pm, for political parties to present and defend their policies relating
to information and communications technology policy.

David Cunliffe (Labour), Maurice Williamson (National) and Mikaere Curtis (Greens) engaged in two hours' conversation chaired by Peter Dengate Thrush, with questions from the audience channeled through journalists Paul Brislen (IDG / Computerworld) and Kate McLaughlin (NBR). Wellington and Auckland sites were linked together via video and audio for shared audience participation. A chat channel was also run.


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