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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wide spread vote count issues

Preston's election victory up in air: "No legislative contest in the county had a margin of victory as narrow as in the 24th. But even if the winners are not in question anywhere else, the patterns in the 24th District suggest that officials may face a significant logistical headache in the task of reviewing and certifying results from across the county.

Heather Heidelbaugh, an attorney representing Mr. Gainey, estimated the total number of discrepancies found so far at somewhere between 120 and 130 votes, enough to reverse the result if they went overwhelmingly for Mr. Gainey. Cliff Levine, representing Mr. Preston, suggested a much lower figure, perhaps 60, but conceded there were widespread apparent inconsistencies.

'We're taking the first look at this system, and we're finding lots of discrepancies,'' Ms. Heidelbaugh said.

'It's premature to suggest that there's anything improper here,'' said Mr. Levine. 'We're at the initial stage of a review.''"


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