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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition and Voters' Choice Act is now in a long winters sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in its head.

The PBAC was invited to meet with the House State Government Committee the week after Thanksgiving, to "come in for another meeting similar to the one we had last spring" to "share our concerns about the recent election", and "make some sort of a compromise between Mr. Clymer's bill and what you have". FYI, Mr. Clymer's bill proposes to cap the number of signatures at 45,000, but make no other changes to the ballot access laws.

So, the list was made. It was being checked twice. We'll find out who's been naughty or nice.

A few days before the meeting was to have happened, Mr. Clymer's office called to say that the House had adjourned the 2005-06 session the night before, so all the committees officially dissolved and therefore cannot hold meetings. As a result, the planned meeting between the Coalition and the House State Government committee was canceled.


Looking ahead, the swearing in of the new Legislature is supposed to occur around January 22, 2007. Then the committees will reform. The canceled meeting is expected to be held sometime soon after that.

In other news, on Saturday, January 27, 2007, the members of the PBAC will be getting together for a day-long ballot access retreat at the Delco Peace Center near Springfield. The general goals of the retreat include discussing whether changes need to be made to the Voters' Choice Act, and to plan out near- and longer-term goals regarding where the Coalition goes from here.

While it is difficult to predict what sort of changes may be discussed, odds are that the existing VCA will remain as it is, except with new language possibly added to prevent a recurrence of the almost one million dollar fine levied against the Green Party's US Senate candidate, Carl Romanelli. Thanks to the un-democratic democrats.

Suggested changes in the PBAC's focus will be reported at the February LPP board meeting. Any Libertarians with ideas or concerns about ballot access are welcome to attend the retreat.

The PBAC continues to meet at least once a month. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 12th or 19th at 7:30 PM in the Swarthmore Borough Hall council chambers.


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