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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

who wants to watch the election tabulation?

Because we (Libertarians) are not on the primary election ballot, we don't have standing to observe the tabulation on election night.

But Dr. Richard King of PA Verified Voting appears to have talked the Republicans into lending out an observer slot or two... if we can quickly name a volunteer there's a good chance we can get in, which will provide us with a dry-run for November.

Last time VoteAllegheny sent two representatives under the auspices of the Constitution and Green parties; their report is available here:

Due to my other involvement in the election process, I won't be available. Due to the over-computerized nature of the proceedings, somebody with computer experience might be best, but the truth is that the process should be designed so that any citizen can understand and meaningfully oversee it, so any participant is probably better than none.

Dave Eckhardt


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