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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another step towards verifiable accurate elections nation-wide.

Ohio joins NM, FL, VA, CA, MD (and other states and jurisdictions) which scrapped or are phasing out the flawed touch-screen digital recording electronic (DRE) voting systems which use electronic ballots which voters cannot see, counted by trade-secret software (and joins the many jurisdictions whose leaders initially purchased more economical, trustworthy paper ballot systems).

On Friday, Dec. 14th the results of Ohio's Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's "Everest Voting System Review" were released:

The Results of Ohio's Source Code Analysis and Red Team (Penetration) Testing Include:

Premier (Diebold Voting Systems):
* Failure To Effectively Protect Vote Integrity
* Failure to Effectively Protect Vote Privacy
* Failure to Protect Elections From Malicious Insiders
* Failure to Validate and Protect Software
* Failure to Follow Standard Software and Security Engineering Practices
* Failure to Provide Trustworthy Auditing

Hart Voting Systems:
* Failure To Effectively Protect Election Data Integrity
* Failure To Eliminate Or Document Unsafe Functionality
* Failure To Protect Election From "Malicious Insiders"
* Failure To Provide Trustworthy Auditing

ES&S Voting Systems:
* Failure to Protect Election Data and Software.
* Failure to Effectively Control Access to Election Operations
* Failure to Correctly Implement Security Mechanisms
* Failure to Follow Standard Software and Security Engineering Practices

Ohio's SOS Brunner is recommending removing all voting machines from the polls (even optical scan voting equipment) except for voting machines required by federal statute to allow voters with disabilities to vote privately and independently - and is recommending counting all ballots with a high-speed central count system at county election offices.

News articles (taken from the Daily Voting News) on the subject include:

OH: Study: Voting Systems Vulnerable

OH: Brunner declares Ohio's voting systems vulnerable

OH: Brunner: Ohio's vote vulnerable

OH: Report finds voting equipment flaws

OH: Ohio's electronic voting system vulnerable, report says

OH: Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen

OH: Official: Ohio Vote Machines Vulnerable

OH: Statement of Premier Election Solutions in Response to Today's
Release of the Ohio EVEREST Voting System Review,242777.shtml

OH: 'Critical Security Failures' Leads Ohio Sec. Of State To Recommend
Ban of DRE (Touch-Screen) Voting Machines

OH: Cuyahoga County - Secretary of State wants new voting system in


Please take a few minutes to call your US Representative and Senator to support Rep. Rush Holt and Senator Bill Nelson's election reform bills that would assist states to pay for replacing their flawed high-cost DRE voting systems with paper ballot voting systems that are less costly, more reliable, and fully auditable, and provide funding
for conducting manual counts (audits) of paper ballots to verify the accuracy of machine counts. and


Kathy Dopp

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