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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Election Frauds - Views - Potter's Field - Pittsburgh City Paper - Pittsburgh

Election Frauds - Views - Potter's Field - Pittsburgh City Paper - Pittsburgh: "After all the talk on FOX News about voter fraud ... the pre-emptive lawsuits Republicans filed against state elections officials ... John McCain warning that the community group ACORN was 'destroying the fabric of democracy' ...
After all that, the only election-fraud allegation to make waves was leveled against -- Rick Santorum.
Yes, once again Santorum's residency was brought into question by Erin Vecchio, a local Democratic Party official who has claimed for years that Santorum really lives in Virginia, rather than the Penn Hills home Santorum claims as his address. Vecchio, who suspects Santorum may run for Governor in 2010, challenged his right to cast an absentee ballot. To tell the truth, even I'm sick of the Santorum-residency question. But what makes Vecchio's charge remarkable is it's the only one I've heard since Election Day."


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