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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Pen - email site utility elsewhere

The People's Email Network is constructed to facilitate communication with elected officials. Great utility.

Thanks to Scott of Steel-City Stonewall PAC. They formed a nominating committee to nominate a slate of officers for next year. This Committee will be meeting over the
coming weeks to create that slate. If you would like to be considered, please send me, Eric Feder (eric at steel-city dot org) or Teekie Smith (teekie at steel-city dot org) information. Their general meeting of the Membership is January 20, 2005,
to elect officers for next year and to make plans for the coming year.


  • At 8:02 AM, Blogger Mark Rauterkus said…

    follow-up from Mark R to Steel-City

    Check out
    I'd love to do two things with you all:

    #1. I'm holding a campaign kick-off gathering on Dec. 15. Would love for you to invite your group's members. It is the libertarian holiday party too.

    #2. I'd love to come and speak to your group at the Jan 20 meeting. There is plenty of do for 2005, and I'd speak not as a candidate but more as a fellow organizer / advocate. We need to have groups hold debates -- one for the PA Senate race (special election) and Mayor's Race. The planning for those acts need to begin now.

    #3. Finally, I'd love to have input and evaluation of efforts at http://Platform.For-Pgh.Org. That is an open-source platform that others can use too as it is in the public domain.

  • At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    People's Email Network, The Pen, may have shifted operations from to and to It is an alleged example that represents a new generation of suspected email user data harvesting fraud.

    The Pen, through one of its multitude of email addresses,, has responded twice to my organizational information requests, and declined to provide any substantial comments except to distance itself from while admitting some involvement.

    The data base submission form requires voter registration identification data, while The Pen entity provides no valid organization description, no physical location, no identity of any individuals involved, declines to provide such information, though responds eratic to email.

    The Pen infiltrates email listserves (yahoo and smartgroups among others) to send messages and also harvests email addresses from other posters on said listserves, sends emails to those listserve posters many times without providing notice that it is a subscription service (possibly contrary to federal law), and attempts to obtain email addresses of friends and others from suspected victims who respond to enter data in forms.

    The Pen provides no assurance and independent verification that information is not used as part of generating massive email SPAM lists in conjunction with (no response to inquiry) to which The Pen claims to be involved on a just a use of software level.

    This distancing from is in contraction to software developer internet posting by crunchywelch, while (not affiliated with Democratic Party) actively rents to anyone who represents a democrat cause, customized email lists of up to 9 million who may or may not have opted in to the program.

    My summary of the situational analysis represented above is my current opinion and subject to change, as new information is confirmed, but at this point I believe that The Pen, People's Email Network is an undisclosed 'black ops' program of and software developer affiliated parties, which claims to be helpful to contact Congressional members.

    No link to China investments or to any other funds in this matter have yet been found, so we don't know the extent of infiltration, nor how many millions of email user accounts may be affected, but is believed to be substantial.

    This may be the next generation after for disclosure of personal information. The Pen may do that, and more, which is the problem with using this untrackable entity, although I have more leads to followup on, depending on the magnitude of real and potential problems with The Pen and People's Email Network, which is a very clever voter participation mirage unknown. User beware!

    I ask The Pen again for a substantive response.
    Eric Sunswheat

    Email addresses of The Pen include, and others?? (please respond)
    Websites include (inactive?) (most active now?) and others?? (please respond)

    ...You are hereby advised and put on express notice that any input in the form of individual email addresses, lists of email addresses, or raw text, may be transmitted immediately to THE PEN for parsing and database storage, whether the form containing those input elements is finally submitted by you or not...

    Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 23:28:43 -0700 (PDT)
    -------------Original Message------------
    From: The Pen
    To: Eric Sunswheat
    Subject: Re: The Pen [P.E.N.] responds! Re: EMAIL HARVEST SPAM ALERT
    dear Eric,

    you are permanently removed.

    please find another way to speak out to your members of Congress without using our free resource.


    The Pen

    ----------------Original Message----------------
    Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 18:36:51 -0700 (PDT)
    From: The Pen
    Subject: Re: EMAIL HARVEST SPAM ALERT Re: [sust.sonoma] Act to save
    the life of Haiti's former prime minister
    dear Eric,

    my dear friend, you are truly a trip. if you put 10% of the energy you've put into your "research" project into doing something positive to speak out to your members of Congress, there would be real policy change, probably very much to your liking.

    having said that, we are EXTREMELY diligent about remove requests, all you have to do is ask once in any form, and you will never hear from us again. with regards to specific Yahoo groups, if you are the moderator we will respect whatever decision the group moderator makes. we can tell you that some groups VERY much welcome our posts.

    NOW . . . with respect to your other outrageous and slanderous accusations. we are NOT a commercial venture, and it is our view that our entire activity is fully protected within the four corners of the First Amendment to the US Constitution. we are not pushing anything here by trying to get more people to participate in your own democracy. we charge NOTHING for our service to the community and we defy you to find any offer by us to sell a single email address.

    we provide the use of our one click submission engine for free to and other groups and other than that we have no connection or affliation with them or any other group.

    if you, yourself, are out there doing anything positive to change this country for the better you can stop being ashamed of yourself for throwing so many brickbats in our direction.

    oh, and yes, we do respond personally and specifically to any email that requires a response, and we read EVERYTHING. we defy you to find any other emailer who does that either.


    The Pen

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