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Friday, September 08, 2006

We Count 2006 dot Org

Americans are proud of our Democracy! Our founders, and many patriots along the way risked a great deal -- even their lives -- to create a Democratic State, with the Constitution and Bill of Rights as its foundation. They expected their children to protect it.

Do we still have a democracy? Do we REALLY have "representatives" that represent us? Why is there such a disconnect between the will of the people and the decisions of our leaders? For example, "How can we be 'free ' if we cannot choose peace?"

How can we be the "superpower" we claim to be while our republic is rapidly spiraling downward at the hands of people who don't represent us?

Our electoral system--the way we "choose" our leaders-- is badly broken. One key component : electronic voting machines--can completely subvert the will of the people. Numerous findings have shown e-voting to be a great threat to democracy. Despite a recent Zogby Poll which states that 92% of citizens don't trust these machines, our "representatives" insist on using them. As disastrous as these devices are for democracy, they are but one flawed component of the broken electoral system. There are many others.

We the people must fix our electoral system, and act to restore democracy, while we still can. Our children expect it of us.

If you are concerned, don't miss this historic event!

We Count - A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy

Friday, Sept 29th, from 6 pm to 10 pm (Theater)


Saturday, Sept 30th, from 9 am to 9 pm (SC10, Theater)

at the

Cuyahoga Community College (Metro Campus), Cleveland, Ohio
(click here for directions)

Fabulous speakers and engaging workshops:

Mark Crispin Miller, Professor at NYU, and author of many books, including: Fooled Again - How the Right Stole the 2004 Elections & Why They'll Steal The Next One, Unless We Stop Them

Bev Harris, Steve Freeman, Nancy Tobi, Jonathan Simon, Bob Fitrakis, Richard Hayes Phillips, Bob Koehler, Greg Coleridge, Harvey Wasserman, Shaun Tucker, Paul Lehto, Ron Baiman, Kathy Dopp, Tony Minor, Jerry Adams, Victoria Lovegren, Marj Creech, Rady Ananda, Bruce O'Dell, Adele Eisner, Teresa James, Ron Olson, Pete Johnson, Stuart Wright, Warner Mendenhall, Dan Lucas, Dorcus Johnson, Lametris Joiner and more.

Ohio Gubernatorial and Secretary of State Candidates:

Bob Fitrakis, James Lundeen, Bill Peirce, Lee Fisher, Jennifer Brunner and Tim Kettler.

Filmmakers: Laura Paglin ("No Umbrella"); Dorothy Fadiman ("Stealing America: Vote by
Vote"); Jeff Kirkby ("Digital Quagmires"); Richard Van Slyke("The Right To Count");

Sponsors: Ohio Vigilance, Velvet Revolution, People For the American Way, Election Defense Alliance, Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, Northeast Ohio AFSC - Economic Justice and Empowerment Program , Free Press, CASE-Ohio, J30 Coalition, 51 Capital March, Clamor Magazine, Coloradoans for Voting Integrity, Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, Concentric Media,, Cuyahoga County Green Party, Democracy for New Hampshire,,, Farhad Sethna-Immigration Attorney, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Keen Bee Creative Studios, Laura Paglin ("No Umbrella"), Missourians for Honest Elections,
Ohio Voter Reform,, Progressive Democrats of America - Ohio, Roaming Video, The World Can't Wait, Voices of Cleveland & Beyond Productions, Women Speak Out For Peace and Justice, and others.

For more information & pre- registration (encouraged), please visit: or call 216-849-7470.


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