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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hate those newfangled electronic voting machines?

You’re not alone.

Rep. Jim Casorio Jr., D-Westmoreland, wants the feds to let Pennsylvania revert to using lever-style voting machines instead of the new “touch screen” machines that seem to annoy many voters.

He said some senior citizens told him in the last election that they wouldn’t vote on electronic machines, “and it wasn’t just about being intimidated by the new technology.”

“Many voters genuinely did not trust the electronic machines,” Casorio said. “They believed there was too much potential for error or manipulation with the machines.”

He plans to introduce a resolution next year urging Congress to revise the 2000 election law that mandated electronic voting machines.

Given a resolution has no force of law, don’t expect any changes soon.

Michael Race is Harrisburg bureau chief for Times-Shamrock Newspapers. Have a question or concern about state government? E-mail him at


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