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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Live WTP New Hampshire Recount Video Coverage

As we previously announced, following the discovery of large statistical anomalies indicating possible evidence of voter machine fraud, WTP is headed to New Hampshire to help witness the recount of its primary ballots.

Live Interactive Video Conferencing from NH

To broadcast its recount coverage, WTP is making available a state-of-the-art Internet video conferencing system so that our supporters can be kept abreast of the developments as they unfold live.

Witnesses to the very first parts of the recount have already reported broken ballot-box seals and recounts exposing significant discrepancies between the reported machine totals and the recount totals.

We urge everyone to help stand watch over the recount by subscribing to WTP's video Recount Forum.

Forum participants will be able to have unlimited, LIVE video/interactive access to the WTP Recount Forum for a donation of only $15.

REMEMBER - you must manually register (STEP #2) to obtain your password after donating to the Congress.

Click here to DONATE & REGISTER to join the forum:

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONATED but failed to register to obtain your password on STEP #2, Please click on the link above and do so ASAP!

Even if you have little interest in joining the live interactive NH video conferences, please help support our efforts by making a separate donation today.

Many thanks in advance for your generous support.


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