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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movie: Uncounted

Everyone is asked (and reminded one more time) to please CALL YOUR STATE REP
and STATE SENATOR in their Harrisburg office tomorrow -- Monday morning and
all day Monday -- to ask them AND THEIR STAFF to be sure to attend our
screening of the acclaimed documentary film UNCOUNTED: The New Math of
American Elections. The movie is TOMORROW evening (Monday June 16) at 7 PM
in the East Wing Rotunda of the PA State Capitol Building.

We have learned that our UNCOUNTED screening is up against a big industry
event being thrown for the legislators at the PA Forum tomorrow night.
Apparently they have a "name" movie director attending to speak (and show
commercial film clips), possibly along with free food? Of course it is
always a big draw especially if there is free food, and sadly we don't have
any of that to offer -- just one truly great film and the important message
that our elections are seriously at risk and Pennsylvania needs to take
action to protect our votes. And we need our Pennsylvania officials to be
there to see and hear it.

When you call, if you are told that your Rep or Senator has other
commitments and can't come to see UNCOUNTED, remind the office in that case
to please be sure to have a staff person attend because fair and accurate
voting is an extremely important issue to your district. It would be good if
this is the person who handles election reform legislation, but ALL STAFF IS
INVITED as well as the Reps and Senators. Please get names and do your best
to get someone to make a commitment to come.

One thing to note is that the Forum event starts at 6 PM and UNCOUNTED is at
7, so it is theoretically possible for the members and staff to attend at
least some of both. But we need calls, and pressure on the Harrisburg
offices, to make that happen. You can find your Rep and Senator here:

I was lobbying and distributing invitations in the Capitol all day on
Friday. Some offices did tell me they're received some calls already about
our UNCOUNTED event, and these are ones more likely to attend. THE MORE
and of our whole issue of secure, accurate, accessible and fair elections.
This is a golden opportunity, so call, call, CALL!

One more thing as a reminder, we still need lots of support for VotePA's
share of the expenses in this event, and we are asking everyone who cares
about fair elections in Pennsylvania to kick something into the kitty to

THANK YOU to everyone -- your assistance with this will do a lot to get the
word out in the halls of Harrisburg about the danger to our elections, and
why we need to take steps now to make voting more secure, more accurate, and
more open to all Pennsylvanians!


Marybeth Kuznik, Executive Director
Statewide Alliance for Voting Rights and Election Integrity

Free screening of "Uncounted" at capitol on June 16

Please join us for a special screening of the documentary film


Monday, June 16th, 2008

7:00 p.m.

East Wing Rotunda of the Capitol Building


No Admission Fee - Public Welcome

To view a movie trailer go to <>

Uncounted, by Emmy award winning director David Earnhardt is an explosive
new documentary showing how the election fraud that changed the outcome of
2004 election led to greater fraud in 2006. With 51 of Pennsylvania's 67
counties using paperless electronic voting machines it is at particular risk
in 2008. This controversial 80 minute film examines in factual, logical
and yet startling terms how easy it is to change election outcomes and
undermine election integrity across the U.S. Beyond increasing public
awareness about how votes are counted in America, Uncounted inspires greater
citizen involvement in fixing a broken electoral system.

There will be a Q&A session after the film, featuring Marybeth Kuznik who
appears in the film. (Sponsored by the Common Cause Education Fund, VotePA,
and the PA League of Women Voters.)

For information call 717-232-9951