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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Golden Girls among a cadre of aging part-time government workers

Golden Girls among a cadre of aging part-time government workers The wheels of democracy come to a halt every day, around midmorning, when the Golden Girls take their banana break.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

GOP write-ins may take 2 weeks to tally

GOP write-ins may take 2 weeks to tally: "Unofficial results released to news media on election night showed results with 100 percent of precincts reporting, but the numbers continued to change slightly throughout the day yesterday. In at least one race, the winners also changed."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ward Cunningham - Wiki and the rise of gift economies

re-public: re.imagining democracyRe-public : re-imagining democracy - english version � Ward Cunningham - Wiki and the rise of gift economies To succeed in the long term, an open source project must be transparent and permeable as well as open. Permeable means that others can introduce improvements. One’s psychology resists that. Extreme programming avoids this unwanted possessiveness by jointly owning code from the beginning. When I can take pride in your accomplishments I’m most of the way there.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ron Paul Grassroots Information Hub | Grassroots Activities Blog

Ron Paul Grassroots Information Hub | Grassroots Activities Blog: "Pajamas Media needs to understand that their straw poll app is too easily manipulated and that it’s very easy for Ron Paul detractors to vote on his behalf, and that calling out Paul and supporters without evidence is wrong. Their poll relies solely on cookies, which is easily circumvented, and they have spent more time accusing Paul supporters of cheating than they would have if they just fixed their poll (more on this below.) Pajamas Media has presented no evidence that actual Paul supporters are spamming the votes, and they are in fact providing incentives to detractors in the way they are handling the situation. Think about how easy it would be for someone to get Pajamas Media to discredit Paul, or any candidate, by spamming their poll on their behalf? I could go vote 1000 times for Duncan Hunter, and PJM would assume, falsely, that a Hunter supporter was to blame."

Computer foul-up mires CMU student elections

Be careful punching ballots, if you can't find the hole.
Computer foul-up mires CMU student elections The good news about Carnegie Mellon University's student government election this year is that voter turnout was up.

The bad news is that how those people voted may never be known.

All 1,933 ballots were rendered irretrievable by a computer foul-up that -- depending on you viewpoint -- illustrates the perils of electronic balloting or simply shows that technology can bedevil people, even on one of the nation's most tech-savy college campuses.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hacked, hacked off, and -- worse yet -- hacked out

Spread this number

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0.

Wanna know what's so important about it?

From the Community Commons mailing lists:

More interesting tidbits on the whole HD-DVD processing code debate:

Original Story that started it all:

Details on how people are getting banned (Including CJ and Myself):

Doom9 Post (A very good read):

Signature: Removed from DeviantArt - "z00kus" account banned! - Was added to gallery though for download!

A song was made:

Techno Version:

MD5 Was made (Why not?): d1af2e56517a7202a1cc087a69c4e296

Random Sites:

Slashdot’s Article(s):

InfoWorld News Article:

Gerald Stuhrberg’s Homage:

Nicholas Pan's Homage:

Wikipedia (On banning with the HD-DVD Key):

Nice critical overview of the debate from the ever-illuminating Technollama

Dustin Montgomery's log of Events (As seen by him):

From (where else) the Facebook group 09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0

Bulgarians are already aware. Are you?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

who wants to watch the election tabulation?

Because we (Libertarians) are not on the primary election ballot, we don't have standing to observe the tabulation on election night.

But Dr. Richard King of PA Verified Voting appears to have talked the Republicans into lending out an observer slot or two... if we can quickly name a volunteer there's a good chance we can get in, which will provide us with a dry-run for November.

Last time VoteAllegheny sent two representatives under the auspices of the Constitution and Green parties; their report is available here:

Due to my other involvement in the election process, I won't be available. Due to the over-computerized nature of the proceedings, somebody with computer experience might be best, but the truth is that the process should be designed so that any citizen can understand and meaningfully oversee it, so any participant is probably better than none.

Dave Eckhardt