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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Columns by PC Magazine: Academics: Get to Work!

Columns by PC Magazine: Academics: Get to Work! Universities have got to focus their attention on computers and the Internet. There are far too many understudied phenomena bubbling on the Net, and it's time for academia to wake up. Valuable time is being wasted.
I'm less worried about the academics that need to wake up as to the journalists in terms of city government and plain old news coverage. Too often one story gets out there and the other news crews from other types of media just eat it up without another real voice of research or investigation.

And, I also worry about the acadmeic help that is NOT being put forth in terms of local solutions, state-and-regional health-care solutions, and other studies that have real world, policy impacts. Tell us about transportation. Tell us about crimes in neighborhoods. Tell us about trends and how to fix what is broken.


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