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Friday, September 08, 2006

Steven Cliff's vote MN test with text messages via cell phones

See his experiment for election day at

From a mobile text phone, text: 41411

In you 160 characters first write: votemn

... then your message

The site allows anyone to see the texts that were sent in on the web ... you can
even register and subscribe to receive copies via SMS (may cost you based on
your cell phone plan (often 10 cents a piece without an unlimited package).

Some African countries have used SMS to report suspected election fraud. In
Minnesota, voters could report ballot shortages, troubles voting/registering,
send along turn-out reflections, thank election workers, etc. in a very public
way. Then on election night, folks could report on the election night parties. :-)

Steven Clift

P.S. If this actually works (if people use it), I'll propose it as an idea for
E-Democracy.Org to promote more formally. For now its just an individual


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