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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kathy wrote asking all to sign a letter to Congress

Please sign this letter asking Congress to require routine actions to verify election outcome integrity, and pointing out that 2% audits
won't do that, and that citizen oversight is needed.

Here is the letter which was just completed this a.m.

To sign it, just send your name, full address, any credentials or affiliations to me

People may add themselves as signees or suggest minor changes to the letter through Wednesday if they want me to hand deliver it in DC during my upcoming trip to the East Coast, although we'll probably continue to add signees after that for people who want to send the letter themselves to their Senators and Representative.

It would be great to get signees from every state, so please forward this to your friends and lists and ask them to sign it also. I'll be updating the letter with new signees, and may sort the signees by state.

Thank you. It is important to get real measures that will assure us of accurate election outcomes because we all know that having paper ballots that are never manually counted leaves our elections wide open to vote fraud or outcome-altering machine errors.



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