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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Irwin's petition for the voters

Saga from the citizens of North Huntingdon Twp., Irwin Boro and North Irwin Boro comprise Norwin School District.

Six years ago, the Irwin Public Library placed a referendum on the ballot to increase the millage to support the library from a half-mil to 1.2. It was defeated. On the next ballot, the Library board led the citizens of Irwin Boro, where the library was located, to think that if they supported the referendum they would save that library. So the second time around it passed. Plans immediately went into effect to build a 2.2 million dollar building in North Huntingdon Twp. for a new Norwin Library. The land was bought from the Carruther family which consists of the library solicitor and the library president. They were paid 400,000 for the land.

In the 6 years since, the library tax found on our property tax bill, has collected 400,000+/year. The library is paying a 30 year mortgage to the Irwin Bank. The library is getting 35,000 a year in dividends on their investments.

A group of citizens collected over 300 petition signatures to bring this tax up for vote again. They turned them into the Election Bureau on Sept. 7. We were told by a county solicitor that since we were citizens we could submit these petitions without a governing body authorization, although the solicitor said that they would be
reviewed. The next day Paula Pedicone of the Election Bureau called to say that after review the petitions were refused because we need authorization from the Norwin School Board. Our deadline was Sept. 8. Another solicitor called later in the day and said that the library is a county library and we should have petitioned the county commissioners.

It seems to me that we followed the Library Code to a T and that we are being railroaded. They told us that we need an attorney to successfully put this on the ballot.

Why can't citizens get anything done without an attorney?

I asked the 2nd county solicitor how much time we have to challenge this and he said he didn't know and would get back to me before the end of the day, but he didn't. What can be done????

Ebert Beeman suggested:

Print up a thousand fliers, mention the school board members by name and talk about what a bunch of lying scum those school board members are.


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